Zara Sale – The Secrets

Zara Sale - The Secrets

Of all the sales in London, the Zara sale is by far my favourite. While H&M, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and co. only dedicate relatively tiny sections of their stores to the sale, Zara is, to my knowledge, the only high street brand that goes all out and transforms almost the entire store into a dreamy sale heaven. Having worked for Zara in the past, I know a thing or two about the sale that some people might not be aware of. But why keep all the secrets to myself, if I can share them with you, my lovely readers:

1. Each Zara store puts all the items they have currently in stock, except those of the new collection, on sale. I think this is incredibly unusual for a store, but definitely good for us crazy shoppers.

2. When you ask a sales assistant for an item in a different size, and he or she tells you that all stock is out, they’re lying. The stock rooms are huge and the Zara sale goes on for months before the supply of sales items dries up. However, it is company policy not to check sizes of sales items, simply because sales assistants wouldn’t be able to cope with the sheer amount of requests they would otherwise get.

3. Another thing that might be rather unusual for a sale is that Zara does not only sell off whatever is left in the stock rooms, they also receive new sales stock throughout the whole sales period.

4. Sometimes even items from the new collection end up in the sale. If I remember correctly, new designs are released about every two weeks, so it does happen a lot that some of the older “new collection” items suddenly appear in the sales section.

5. The prices of sales items are reduced about three times during the sale period, so you might want to hold off on raiding the store right at the beginning of the sale. However, if you really want something, buy it, keep the tags on, and check the store regularly to find out whether the items you have bought have been reduced further and are still in stock for you to exchange. Unfortunately, returning an item and directly buying it back doesn’t work, as returns are first collected behind the till before they are put back on the shop floor. If you want to be real sneaky, though, you could return an item right before the store closes and then come back the next morning when the store opens. Chances are, the item is back on the shop floor and you can purchase it for the lower price.

6. It’s probably clear from all of my previous points already, but the selection on the shop floor during the sales period changes constantly and can vary from store to store – particularly towards the end of the sale. So come back regularly to bag yourself the best deal possible.

Now that I have shared my dirty secrets with you, I want to know yours. Tell me all about your favourite shopping hacks in the comment section below…

Zara Sale - The Secrets Zara Sale - The Secrets Zara Sale - The SecretsZara Sale - The SecretsThe Look


CULOTTES – Zara (Sale)

BLAZER – Zara (Sale)

FLIP FLOPS – So old, I don’t remember

NECKLACE – Swarovski

  • Aashi

    Is it true if you return a product then it come back in the shop next day

  • Taimoor Aziz

    your are 100 % correct , I observed the same pattern for Zara Sale in middle east and also in Canada, normally I purchase my favourite things during middle of the sale when they drop prices by half and keep watching till end when they drop to 75% and get some bonus 🙂

  • Alice

    HI there,

    Do you know if Zara refunds sale items?

    • Zai

      yes, you can return your sale items back for full refund of the paid amount

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  • Lc

    I live in SF and was wondering when their next sale is? By the way the have the worst CS ever :/ but I love the store.

    • Jasmin

      I believe the previous sale just finished, and the next will be this summer 🙂 xx

  • faysal

    Can anyone please tell me about Americano otrga…….. is he have 100% ownership in Inditex?

  • Risa

    I heard that zara has two sales. one in the summer around july-aug. is the next sale after christmas? when will be the best time where products are marked down three times.

    • Jasmin

      Yes, that’s right. If you are based in the UK, the Christmas sale starts on boxing day (26/12). I’m not sure whether I understand your last questions correctly, but sales items are marked down a few times during both sales. When exactly, I don’t know. Every 3/4 weeks I’d say. I hope that answers your question 🙂

  • Guest

    Nice secrets 😉
    I know it’s very early but when do you reckon the AW14 collection for men will go on sale/clearance? Cheers

    • Jasmin

      Thanks 😉 Whatever is new collection now will most likely be on sale from 26/12/2014 onwards…if you are based in the UK that is. The rest (whatever is released closer to Christmas) will be on sale next summer.

      • Tim Williams

        Thank you 🙂

  • Guest

    Great blog. I know it’s very early but when do you reckon the AW14 collection will go on sale/clearance? Cheers

  • Andy

    Great post. Zara sales are amazing! Do you know when the current sales period will be ending? X

    • Jasmin

      Thanks Andy! I totally agree 🙂 Sorry, that’s something I don’t know. But if I had to guess, I’d say end of August/beginning of September. By then, the sales section will have shrunken considerably though… x

  • fashionnoodle

    I like your outfits Jasmin:)) x

    • Jasmin

      Thanks Bessie 😉 xx

  • Chrissabella

    This outfit is amazing, love the striped blazer and culottes! I do love the Harrods sale for a good bag bargain but otherwise Zara gets my vote hands down 🙂

    • Jasmin

      Thanks my dear 🙂 I totally agree! Harrods does indeed have some awesome bag deals during the sale, but Zara will always be my favourite allrounder 😉

  • Rachel

    That looks great on you, I love Zara, you can find beautiful pieces there and looks like you managed it perfectly 🙂

    • Jasmin

      Thank you my dear 🙂 Zara is by far my favourite shop!

  • Bibi

    This look is so nice! Is all from Zara?
    Sorry to say but I had to laugh a little at your sneaky ways to get the best out of a Zara sale, you sure know your way around! 😉
    Actually I was always curious but have never asked you, what is your job now? Xx

    • Jasmin

      Thanks darling! Only the trousers and the blazer are from the Zara sale, the rest is old. Haha…you have no choice, but to be sneaky if you’re a poor-ish translator like me 😉 xx