Wish List | Monochrome H&M

Monochrome H&MH&M have been churning out some quality products this season. In fact, I’m so impressed by their latest offerings, that I try to stay away from their stores as much as possible just to avoid spending a fortune in there. When I enter an H&M, I don’t usually exit with just one bag, I leave with at least three…good for my biceps, bad for my bank balance; even though it’s ‘just’ H&M. I’m also incredibly excited for their AW ’14 Studio line, which will be showcased at Paris Fashion Week tonight..the few pictures I’ve already seen look more than promising, but I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection, and get my fingers on some of the pieces. Until then, I’ll just continue lusting after current offerings…

I’m particularly in love with the white bag..isn’t she a beauty? I’ll definitely pick her up as soon as I can get hold of a pair of blinkers to avoid seeing all the other beautiful items I won’t be able to live without as soon as I’ve laid eyes on them.

The crop top was a very deliberate choice. First of all, I’m totally digging the boxy 1/2 sleeves, second it will give any outfit a nautical feel – perfect for spring, but most importantly, it ties in very well with Monday’s blog post. Remember my past aversion to crop tops? Well, it’s officially over!

Now the scuba skirt is a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to wear a structured scuba skirt? It’s perfect in any aspect, and I’ve been trying to get my hands on it for so long, but my size is always out of stock *sad face*.

To make the outfit a bit more suitable for the current cold, the oversized coat is a must. It has the perfect length for shorties like me and is very reasonably priced.

Loafers with tassles and knobs à la Tod’s? I’m sold. Last but not least, the silver ring and necklace are just a nice subtle edition to a monchrome outfit, and add a little sparkle, while the floppy hat keeps your hat warm in style.

I hope you enjoy my little selection of key H&M pieces you shouldn’t miss out on this season, and please let me know whether you’d fancy seeing more of those wish list-style posts. I sure do enjoy composing them!