Wish List | Blogging Equipment

Wish List | Blogging EquipmentAfter about a month of blogging I’ve come to realise that it is no longer only fashion and beauty products my heart desires. Blogging equipment has quickly moved to the top of my shopping list recently, and if it wasn’t for the steep price tags, all of the above products would be mine already. Some of them are actually not that expensive. However, the problem is that the one thing I desire most (probably the most usefuly piece of equipment), is also the dearest, so I can’t really justify the purchase of the cheaper ones, as I should be saving for the most expensive. It’s not the most logical reasoning considering I’m happily spending money on new clothes and shoes, but hey.

1. Ring Light – Even though the weather has been fantastic for the past few days and the days are getting longer and longer, having proper lighting would come in really handy on rainy days or when I want to take pictures or shoot videos in front of a more interesting background that isn’t opposite a window, especially during hours without natural daylight.

2. Billingham Camera Bag – Called the king of camera bags by Rosie from The Londoner, the Billingham Hadley Pro Canvas Camera Bag is one of those completely unnecessary luxuries I intend to treat myself to one day. As my collection of lenses and camera equipment is quickly growing, I can no longer deny the need for a proper camera bag. It obviously wouldn’t have to be this bag, but I’m a fashion blogger after all, and this bag is incredibly fashionable and such a classic piece of photography history.

3. Microphone – Even though I haven’t spoken a single word to you guys yet, I fully intend to in the near future (stay tuned!), and for that I’d love to sound my best. The built in camera of the Canon 600D sucks in my opinion, so a proper microphone would definitely make a huge difference to sound quality and my comfort levels in front of the camera.

4. Sigma 30mm f/1.4 – My favourite of the bunch. Even though I’m very happy with my £80 50mm f/1.8 lens in terms of picture quality, it is difficult to use it for outfit shoots in combination with a remote shutter or in busy locations where you really don’t want to step away from your camera too far, as somebody might just grab it and run. In order to get a full body image, I have to step away from the camera quite a bit, which not only makes it almost impossible to shoot pictures inside, but also difficult to see what I’m doing in the viewfinder. A 30mm f/1.4 would make my life sooo much easier and improve the bokeh of my pictures…something I’m always interested in.

5. Lens Cleaning Pen – A pretty self-explanatory piece of equipment. It’s cheap and keeps expensive lenses clean. What’s there not to love?

6. 1TB External Hardrive – There is absolutely no way for me to save all of my pictures and videos on my laptop. They take up way too much space and can really decrease laptop performance. Luckily, I already have a 250GB external hardrive that is still half empty, but it has a few hiccups here and there and will most certainly be full in no time. A 1TB external hardrive will soon enough become a true necessity, so I’m really lucky to have a dad who listens to me, and decided to surprise me with a shiny new external hardrive after i mentioned my predicament to him. It’s still in Germany, but in a weeks time I’ll be flying back home and finally be able to use.

7. Vlogging Camera – And again, I’m yet to find my voice, but when I finally do, I’d be totally interested in Vlogging too. There’s no way I’d ever do it with my Canon 600D, but this pretty number by Fujifilm is not only utterly stylish, but it also records videos in full HD and uses face tracking to keep the subject in focus.

Did I miss anything? What type of blogging equipment are you guys coveting at the moment?