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Smart Casual

Oh spring where have you gone? After a couple of days of sun, fun and perfect leg baring temperatures, spring has decided to retreat, in Germany as well as in London, leaving us wanting more. I’m sure it will come back when the time is right, but until then I’ll have to cover up those uncooked sausage legs again…probably for the best though. My legs are in serious need of some colour; either via fake tan or real sun, whatever manages to touch my skin first. While it was obviously still sunny when I was filming the video, temperatures had plummeted forcing me to get all cuddly in my fabulous Zara jacket with a kind of ethnic print and a leather lapel. I get compliments on it wherever I go. It really makes the current chill so much more bearable, and brightens up any rainy old day. Together with the necklace, it’s the casual complement to the otherwise smart outfit consisting of black jeans, a tucked in shirt and my trusty new perfect pair of heels – a look I haven’t sported in a while. Now the hair is, as always, messy messy messy…some things will never change, even when we’re talking smart.

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Have a lovely day y’all!