Video | The One With The Twist

Video | The One With The TwistIt’s Friday everybody!!! And you know what that means, right? It’s not only just a few more hours until the weekend, but I also uploaded a shiny new video to my Youtube channel for you to enjoy. I went for a pretty laid back look wearing my trusty turtleneck and a pleated mini skirt, and jazzed it up a little with my amazing over knee boots I found in River Island at the end of last year. I personally think they look exceptionally classy and expensive. You’d never thought they only cost me about £100, right? While I think they work very well with a mini skirt, you might want to avoid showing too much cleavage at the same time. Also, whatever you do, do not pair them with white jeans, I repeat, do NOT wear them with any kind of white bottoms…it may give off the wrong vibe…unless of course, that’s your intention.

Anywho, it’s a shame I don’t get to wear them more often. They’d give instant glamour to a simple outfit consisting of a pair of navy blue jeans and a black turtleneck – a classic with a modern twist – but as I tend to walk everywhere, I usually opt for flats by default. Even when I’m dressing for special occasions, I always carry around a pair of flats to wear before and after. While a pair of heels can easily be tucked away in a reasonably sized handbag, these bad boys can’t. Tough luck for them…they deserve much more love than they currently get, especially because they’re relatively comfortable to walk in (unless of course, you’re out and about for a few hours).

Now sit back, and enjoy the video. All outfit info can be found in the description box on Youtube, and please don’t hesitate to give it a big thumbs up, and subscribe to my channel if.

Have a lovely weekend!

P.s.: If you fancy knowing what I’m wearing on my face in this video, check out my blog post ‘The Face Edit #2’.

  • Hadrien’s Factor

    Super awesome outfit and very nice pics

    <3 Loved so much


    • whatdefinesus

      Thank you 🙂