Video | Beachy In Blue

Video | Beachy In BlueHey folks, how’s it going? Now that spring has selfishly decided to go back into stand-by mode after giving us a sweet taste of it’s magical powers, I decided to bring back the springy vibes with a new OOTD Video for your seasonal entertainment.

I hope you’re not becoming tired of my generic backdrop already? I’ve become a complete sucker for the nautical feel of the river, and the beauty that is London lying just behind it, so I guess you’ll just have to put up with it a little longer. Without applauding myself too much, I actually believe that I’ve truly managed to capture a moment with this video. The music, the scenery and the outfit are in perfect unison to capture my serene mood. I’m wearing my all time favourite pair of incredibly old Burberry chucks. If you have a really close look at the bottom of my soles you might notice two gaping black holes…that’s how old and loved they are. Despite the fact that I can’t wear them when it’s wet outside (for obvious reasons) I just can’t make myself get rid of them…a true love story right there. To complete the look, I paired them with a matching Burberry clutch and a comfortable pair of jeggings. This is easily an outfit you can comfortably wear during the day, and then transform it into dressy eveningwear at night by swapping the chucks for heels. On my way back home from the river I actually bagged a few compliments for the look from a gay couple – that’s always a good sign, right? They thought I looked like a movie star? One of them said Angelina Jolie, while the other was convinced that I looked just as innocent as Charlotte from Sex And The City..what do you think?

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