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Video | Skincare Routine

Video | Skincare Routine

Hello and happy holidays everyone! Do you have any special plans for the long weekend? I thought I should ring in Easter with a different kind of video to the ones I’ve done before, and talk about my current skincare routine. One of my most supportive and always sweet YouTube subscribers, Irene (check out her blog here), actually suggested I… Read more →

One Winter's Day

One Winter’s Day

As you’re most likely aware, If you’ve read my All Black Everything And A Lot Of Leather post, I just luuurve me a good leather look. I find these faux leather pants from Miss Selfridge have one of the most flattering and slimming cuts on my figure. I purchased them last summer, but waited for ages until I wore them… Read more →

Beachy In Blue

Video | Beachy In Blue

Hey folks, how’s it going? Now that spring has selfishly decided to go back into stand-by mode after giving us a sweet taste of it’s magical powers, I decided to bring back the springy vibes with a new OOTD Video for your seasonal entertainment. I hope you’re not becoming tired of my generic backdrop already? I’ve become a complete sucker… Read more →

What's In My Bag

What’s In My Bag

Just a quick ‘What’s In My Bag’ Video for you to enjoy. I love watching those videos on Youtube, so I thought I should return the favour and let you all have a look at the contents of my bag. After having watched so many ‘What’s In My Bag’ videos and then doing my own, it kinda hit me that… Read more →

Dance The Night Away

Dance The Night Away

Hello sexy people, how’s it going? I thought I’d surprise you with another OOTD video today. Despite the beautiful weather or maybe because of it, shooting the video was a bit of a pain. First, a group of pre-pubescent boys decided to follow me around like little puppies, and ask me a ton of incredibly inappropriate questions. Just to give… Read more →