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House of Small Wonder

It is the little things in life one must learn to appreciate, because everyday life is not about the big wonders; it’s all about the small wonders that make the journey of life so much more enjoyable. Just like a delicious breakfast with your best friend at a wonderful place full of light and plants. Just around the corner of… Read more →



The one thing I was looking forward to the most when I moved to Berlin was eating my way through the city’s veggie and vegan restaurants…naturally. I was super surprised to find out that there were meat-free food places at literally every corner of the city. And even the meaty places serve most of their dishes with tofu instead of… Read more →

At Bill's

At Bill’s

Last reminder, promise! I’m one of the two finalists in the Fashionchic.co.uk #FCFindyourlook competition. If you like my look and want to send me to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam in July, please vote for me here. Many thanks to all voters :-* One of the best things about being a fashion blogger is that you get to meet many like-minded… Read more →