Pretty Fly

Pretty Fly

First things first: Remember the Fashionchick MBFWA competition I talked about in my The Art of Turning Heads article? Well, yours truly was shortlisted as a finalist. I feel so blessed that my outfit was chosen, and it would mean the world to me, if you spared a minute to cast your vote here (between 2nd and 10th of June). I could win a fabulous trip to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam alongside so many other amazing prizes. Thank you :-*

What do you do when your mum is in town, it’s supposed to rain all day and you only got the afternoon off? Exactly, you find yourself a museum of your liking, in our case the Museum of London, and enjoy half a day of mother-daughter quality time inside.

Pretty FlyAs you may have guessed correctly from the pictures, the rain was a no-show, but temperatures couldn’t live up to those from the previous days, so I decided to get cosy in a high waisted, patent leather-look midi skirt from Topshop (similar here) and a long sleeved crop top from H&M to keep my arms warm and show off my rock hard belly (I wish). I’d been circling the skirt for weeks before I was finally brave enough to buy it just a day before my mum arrived in London, and couldn’t wait for an occasion to wear it.

Pretty FlyI then threw on a pair of Fendi fly eyes for a touch of glamour, and my beloved black Converse to dress the whole look down a little to make it a bit more museum-appropriate. You should have seen the people shamelessly starring at my skirt…on our way to the tube, on the tube, on our way from the tube to the museum, in the museum…I have to stay, I did enjoy the attention more than I thought I would.

Pretty FlyBoth my mum and I then had a great time inside the museum. It was rather lovely to learn a bit more about the past of my beloved hometown, and even immerse myself in the history of the Pleasure Gardens, one of London’s leading venues for public entertainment from the mid 17th century to the 19th century. Nowadays the site is a public park called Spring Gardens and located not too far from my house. If you find yourself in London on a miserable day, I suggest you pay the Museum of London a short visit to learn a bit more about the city in the comfort of a closed venue. The whole tour takes around 3 hours and the museum even offers free guided tours throughout the day.

Before I forget, this outfit caused quite a stir on Instagram with A LOT of people saying they hated it, and I looked homeless!? What do you guys think? Is it really that bad? 😀

 (Photos: my Mum)

  • ollyvia


    anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram?




    • whatdefinesus

      Thanks babe 🙂 Followed you!

  • Irene Atzori

    Jasmin you have a unique style and i love that skirt omg!!! Will look for something similar…haha!!

    • whatdefinesus

      Thanks Irene, I’m so happy somebody likes the look, yay 😀 Asos has a few similar numbers and the original should still be available in Topshop…not online though! Good luck 🙂 xx

  • Bibi

    I like the look on you! But it’s true that it’s rather daring! 😉
    And congrats again on being chosen as a finalist!! Xx

    • whatdefinesus

      Haha, Bibi…very diplomatic! I guess I can live with daring 😉 Thank you so much again sweetie, you’re such a doll! xx