Palm Trees And Green Spaces

Palm Trees And Green SpacesWhen I think of London, I think skyscrapers, traffic, endless commutes, restaurants, nightlife…the list is endless. However, what I always seem to forget about London are its countless green spaces. In comparison to other cities of a similar size, London is the greenest of them all…worldwide! Green spaces in London cover nearly 40%, i.e. about 173km2 of greater London. Almost half of my beloved city is painted green.

Palm Trees And Green SpacesAmong those green spaces are eight Royal parks, including Hyde Park, St. James’s Park and Bushy Park, which cover nearly 20km2 of London, more than 100 Community gardens (many open to the public and one of them just around the corner of where these pictures were taken) and 17 city farms with traditional animals like sheep and goats, but also more exotic species like alpacas. Of the ca. 8 million people living in London, 30,000 grow their own vegetables and fruit in rented allotments, while 14% of all households in London grow them in their own gardens.

Palm Trees And Green SpacesNow even though this has nothing to do with fashion whatsoever, I thought I share this snippet of utterly surprising London life with you anyway. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you’re interested in more random facts like these, check out the London Councils’ website.Palm Trees And Green Spaces Palm Trees And Green Spaces

The Look

T-SHIRT – Asos



WEDGES – Aldo (similar here)

NECKLACE – Boutique in Marbella

BRACELET – Svarowski

  • Chrissabella

    Love this shorts and blazer combo and thanks for sharing these facts, very interesting!

    • Jasmin

      Thanks and you’re welcome 😉 London is such a versatile and surprising city, and I want everyone to know about it..hihi… xx

  • Bibi

    Love the ouftit!! And on a side note, your facts are extremely interesting! I’m so surprised at how much you know about London… but maybe that’s because I just moved there a year ago haha! :) xx

    • Jasmin

      Thanks babe! Let’s just say I did my research 😉 xx

  • Rachel

    What a lovely summer outfit, and the green is perfect as background :) XX

    • Jasmin

      Thank you Rachel! That’s so sweet of you. You’d love the neighbourhood I took the pictures in. I always feel like I travelled back in time when I’m there :) xx