Outfits Of The Month

Outfits Of The MonthHappy Sunday everyone!

For me, June was a fabulous month filled with a lot of happiness, exciting adventures, some seriously hard work and amazing news. I let you in on my adventures with my mum, you helped me win a trip to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam and I met many other lovely  bloggers, who share my passion for fashion. Now that June is slowly but steadily drawing to an end (time truly flies when you’re having fun), I thought I should do another one of my Outfits Of The Month posts. Truth be told, I’ve only done one round-up before…in March, but because I love reminiscing so much, and want to give you the opportunity to catch up on posts you might have missed, I decided to do yet another round-up, and share with you all of my June outfits in one picture-ladden post. Which one is your favourite?

Pretty Fly– Pretty Fly –

When In London– When In London –

Time To Say Goodbye– Time To Say Goodbye –

At Bill's– At Bill’s –

Mad Megan– Mad Megan –

Back To Black– Back To Black –

Say Hello To Freud– Say Hello To Freud –

Behind The Secret Garden– Behind The Secret Garden –

The Return Of the Midi Skirt– The Return Of The Midi Skirt –

Blue Jeans Black Shirt– Blue Jeans Black Shirt –

Zara Sale - The Secrets

– Zara Sale – The Secrets –

  • Chrissabella

    It’s safe to say you had a pretty stylish month and so many great style inspirations! I love the white midi skirt and you have so many gorgeous culottes pants!


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      That’s so sweet of you, thanks :-* You picked my favourite pieces exactly…Now that I have accumulated quite a pretty number of culottes, I really need to get my hands on a few more midi skirts… 😉