New Beginnings

New BeginningsFor me, the beginning of a new calendar year also marks the beginning of a new year of life. I have officially reached my scary age and with it a point in life where I feel obliged to seriously start thinking about the future. I always tried to live in the here and now. The future? Who knows…I’m still young, I can figure it out later. Don’t get me wrong, I’m obviously still young, but not young enough anymore to ignore the repercussions – may they be good, may they be bad – of the actions I choose today.

New BeginningsNot everything I do from this year onwards will have a profound effect on my future. However, some choices will indeed make a huge difference, and so at the end of last year I mulled over all the things I might want in life in the future, and how I can achieve them. I’m about to drop a big fat bomb on you, so please sit tight as I’m trying to find the courage to tell you the secret I’ve been keeping from the blogger sphere for the past month (No, I’m not pregnant).

New BeginningsI’m sure everyone, who follows me on Instagram has noticed how quiet I’ve suddenly become. I seriously apologize for my absence, and the lower frequency of blog posts and comments I’ve been producing lately, but please let me explain. At the end of November I heavy-heartedly decided to leave London for good and move back to Germany. And that’s what I did just a month later. So much to do in so little time, so ultimately, it was (and still is) the blog that was and is suffering the most.

New BeginningsI pride myself on transparency, and I’m deeply sorry I’ve been keeping this from you for so long, but even though I’m happy with my decision to move back to the motherland, it took me quite a while to let it all sink in…Everyone, who knows me and my love for London was more than just a bit surprised. And to be honest, so was I. It’s still hard to believe that I actually moved back.

New BeginningsAnyway…now I’m back in Germany, and I’m obviously happy to tell you more about my reasons, my plans and my struggles if you’re interested. Just not in this post. Have a lovely day everyone 🙂

New Beginnings

The Look

Turtleneck – Uniqlo (similar here)

Trousers – H&M (similar here)

Coat – Mango

Shoes – Hobbs

Sunglasses – Aldo

  • Marlen

    THIS. I feel like since the end of last year, a switch has been flipped in me and now I’m super nervous about the future. I’ve been sort of floating around in my twenties, and now I feel like i need to start making progress on more adult things. I hate it. And you voiced it perfectly, what I was feeling. I’m super curious to see why you moved back, and what you have planned for this year!

    xo marlen
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    • Jasmin

      I feel exactly the same way, and it makes me anxious as fu*k. Suddenly my actions have a actual, life-changing consequences. I truly wish I’d wake up one day, and just be 21 again…forever! 😀 xx

  • Emina

    I really like that this look is so clean and chic 🙂

    Love Emina

    -> New post is up – Check it out – I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

    • Jasmin

      Thanks so much Emina! Glad you like it 🙂 xx

  • Allie Mackin

    Ah, very smart you are realizing this at a young age, oh and GREAT coat!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    • Jasmin

      Thanks Allie! I actually wish I had realized it even earlier…oh well…better late than never 🙂 xx

  • Beauty Follower

    Great look

    wonderful coat!

    • Jasmin

      Thank you sweetie 🙂 xx

  • #byLily

    You are such a brave girl! Whatever you decide, if you follow your heart it’s going to be okay! I will for sure visit you in Germany!! Can’t wait to give you that big fat hug and having fun with you!

    As for this look, it is a Jasmin classic that I love so much! Elegant and effortless!!

    X Lily

    • Jasmin

      It has to be ok, right? There’s no room for major failure anymore..haha! Please come and visit as often as you like! My door will always be open for your sexy face 🙂 There are so many spots in Berlin i want to discover…we could do some of the explorations together! xx

  • Rosa Mimmino

    So that’s why we didn’t hear a lot of you lately!. Das heisst, nachdem du ja jetzt ganz in Deutschland bist, muss ich mich bemühen, automatisch in Deutsch zu denken wenn ich dir kommuniziere, das wäre irgendwie richtiger. Dabei denke ich fast garnicht mehr in Deutsch, eigentlich schade. Wie ist denn das bei dir?
    Bin also neugierig auf deine Gründe für die Rückkehr…….

    Alles Liebe

    • Jasmin

      Gaaanz genau! Haha…mach dir keine Mühe mit dem Deutsch! Mir gehts da ganz genauso wie dir. Ich denke und kommuniziere auch lieber auf Englisch. Es fällt mir momentan sogar richtig schwer, zusammenhängendes Deutsch zu reden. Meistens schleichen sich halt doch immer noch englische Wörter und Redewendungen ein 😀 xx

      • Rosa Mimmino


  • Lena Chu

    Hi Jasmin! What a great outfit that Mango coat got me drooling quite a bit! I love the oversized fit and the camel tone, definitely an eye candy piece that’s trending this season! And I wish you all the best in Germany, great things await you dear!! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    • Jasmin

      I couldn’t agree more! I’m so happy I got my hands on this coat..haha! Thanks boo…I’m sure they are 🙂 xx

  • 365hangers

    This outfit is gorgeous, and we know that no matter where you are, you’ll do incredible things. Can’t wait to see what the journey in Germany holds for you love!

    xx 365Hangers

    • Jasmin

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it 🙂 xx

  • Nina

    Love these trousers and the coat. xx

    • Jasmin

      Thank you Nina 🙂 xx

  • borka gamero

    Wow! This looks great… I’m loving the camel coat and oxfords! amazing street style doll!
    Kisses from Miami,

    • Jasmin

      Thanks so much babe! I really appreciate your constant support 🙂 xx

  • the|avantguardian

    Hi Jasmin, how sad to hear you have left London. I love London and always love being there, so I can imagine it wasn’t an easy decision. I’m sensing it was something you had to do, not because you wanted to per se. If you feel like talking about it, I would love to lend a listening ear. Hope you’re okay. And even though I’m sure you’ll miss the London backdrop in your pictures, I can speak for all of us when I say your style and photos will look amazing no matter where you are!


    • Jasmin

      No, it wasn’t an easy decision at all. I love London more than words can describe, but I wanted to go back, and I’m happy I finally did it. Thanks so much for offering a listening ear though. I really appreciate it 🙂 xx

  • jointyicroissanty

    Moving to Germany it’s a big change but I hope you are happy:)
    I like your classy and comfy look and your coat is absolutely gorgeous!

    • Jasmin

      Thank you so much sweetie! I really appreciate your kind words! Although things aren’t as easy as I thought they would be atm, I’m definitely happy with my decision 🙂 xx

  • Cvetina Cekova

    Haha yesterday I made a photo shoot with similar clothes and the same style.. Honestly I prefer Germany :)) I wish you all the best in a new place Jasmin 🙂

    • Jasmin

      What a coincidence! Great minds 😉 Thank you Cvetina! That’s incredibly kind of you 🙂 xx

  • Whitney V

    Hi gorgeous! Well, for whatever reason, I’m sure you thought about it and it’s probably the best for what you want, etc. Either way, you can keep blogging and keep it up! I love London as well so much, but I have my other home in Costa Rica and will be here for another 2-3 months, and although blogging here is not huge, it has its many advantages to be one of the top ones here! 🙂 So rock it in Germany, and anyway, London is just a flight away! Love your look as well xxx


    • Jasmin

      Thanks babe! That’s incredibly sweet of you! Life at the moment is a little too hectic to keep blogging at the same pace that I used to, but I’m sure everything will return back to normal once I get settled. Although the competition in Germany is pretty tough 😀 xx

  • Bibi

    Omggg what a surprise!! I was honestly so shocked at first, because you always say such wonderful things about living in London, but I then felt really happy for you! If it’s what you want, go for it – no matter how hard or risky or scary it may seem! I would really love to hear all about the reason you decided to move back, and your plans for the future!! xx

    • Jasmin

      Haha…I know right? Everybody was shocked! Even I was shocked by my decision (and to some extend I still am, because I loooove London so much), but sometimes it’s the right thing to let go of the things you love! It’s weird how lost I feel on my own right now, considering that I’m German….but I’m sure I learn everything I need to know in no time and things will be easy breezy again 🙂

  • Rachel

    I’m kind of really happy for you to be back ‘home’ and hope you feel the same way! I wish you all the best and hope that life surprises you every now and then! Love Rachel

    • Jasmin

      Thank you so much lovely Rachel! That’s incredibly sweet and kind of you! London is a fabulous city I will always keep close to my heart (and may even return to in the future), but for now Germany is my home 🙂 xx

  • shanaz@ReverieSanctuary

    Sweetie, it’s lovely how transparent you are with your readers. I always find Germany a grand place to find yourself in (as I gawk from afar, lol) I hope that the move brings a a good start for you, no matter what. Your outfit, as always, is the picture of minimalist elegance. I like how you appeared lost in serious thought. Perfect! <3 =)

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • Jasmin

      Thank you so much for your constant suppport, Shanaz! I like that I appear “lost in serious thought”…that’s a look that suits me well 🙂 After yet another move from home to a whole new city, I’ve finally reached my final destination…for now! I still feel a bit lost, but I’m sure that’s gonna change soon! 🙂 xx

  • Eline

    I hope this was exactly what you needed!

    • Jasmin

      Thanks dear! That’s incredibly kind of you 🙂 xx

  • Ivana Džidić

    As long as you’re happy with your decision, that’s all it matters. You look really lovely in this look, I particularly like how you rolled up your trousers. Elegant but with a relaxed vibe and maybe under the influence of the text you have written, I get a bit of a reflexive vibe from these photos.

    I haven’t been posting frequently lately either. Personal blogs should move at one’s personal pace anyway.

    • Jasmin

      Yes, I agree! I do miss London, but I know that I’ve made the right decision for now 🙂 xx