My Calvins

My CalvinsBig flashy brand logos – they just don’t do it for me anymore. When I was a child, New Yorker’s own brand “Fishbone” was all the rage. It may not have been particularly expensive (lucky for our poor parents), but all the girls in my school – me included – couldn’t get enough of that slightly macabre fishbone logo. Soon enough affordable Fishbone made way for slightly (read much) more expensive Miss Sixty and the famous little polo player (not so lucky for our poor parents). And again…the more logo we were flashing, the cooler we felt.

My CalvinsMy CalvinsNowadays, I almost can’t think of anything more mortifying than parading brand logos. My LV Speedy Monogram? Hasn’t seen sunlight in ages. My Chanel sunnies with the interlocked C’s on the side? Gone. My Ralph Lauren Polo shirts? Definitely gone. And that’s how the sad story of my unloved branded goods continues…

My CalvinsDon’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against designer wear. It’s just the logos that kinda bug me. Yes, I do find them tacky – a silent cry for attention, admiration and envy…there it is, out in the open. I much prefer understated subtlety that only connoisseurs can decipher and truly appreciate.

My CalvinsMy CalvinsBut of course there is an exception to the rule. Isn’t there always? Call me a hypocrite, but there’s one logo I’d be happy to flash for the rest of my life. No other brand has mastered the art of the nonchalantly cool logo quite like Calvin Klein. It perfectly matches my monochrome wardrobe, satisfies my minimalistic taste and has managed to become the uncrowned king of social media (My Calvins anyone?). Calvin Klein, I bow my hat to you!

My Calvins

The Look

T-Shirt – Calvin Klein via Fashionchick*

Jeans – ASOS

Boots – River Island* (similar here)

Coat – H&M (similar here)

(Pics by Paul)

  • Liza Wibisono

    Such a fabulous look. I love your coat

  • Lubka Christova

    Wonderful urban shots. I like your jacket – such a lovely model 🙂

    Lu |

  • officialmahryska

    love love basics 🙂

    kisses from dubai ♥

  • 365hangers

    First off, rocking this shirt like it’s nobodies business and it totally is on par with your style! We are so with you when it comes to too many logos though. We always make an exception for wildfox though lol

    xx 365Hangers

  • Honia Honig

    oh you looks so cool and stunning 🙂 The look is perfect 🙂

  • Bibi

    Such a cool look and I completely agree about the branded logos! x

  • Jonathan Zegbe

    super chilll style !!!

    those ripped jeans look good on you! 🙂

    & Cool post ! 😉

    New Look on the blog ‘GAP de la GAP’
    Greets Jon

  • shanaz@ReverieSanctuary

    I find logos on anything particularly aggravating. Haha! I’m sorry, I know that for some it’s a way to show a kind of a style status. Don’t think people would freely want to wear a Walmart logo on their dress, but hey, this could be a thing too in the future (lol). Anyway, I love the red lips you’re wearing, Jasmin! And you absolutely killed it in the B&W! <3 =)

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  • Alyssa Martinez

    Ah yes! Logos were such a huge thing in the 90’s I’m glad it’s not the trend anymore. Lucky for this generation’s parents 😀 I remember wearing so many Ralph Lauren Polo shirts ’cause my mom made it my go-to shirt and now I’m so sick of it. Seriously, whenever I receive a Polo shirt I gift it to other people xD anyway, cool look!


    • Jasmin

      Haha…I have some bad Polo shirt memories of my own. I used to wear two shirts in different colours on top of each other and pop the collars. What the hell was I thinking? 😀 xx

  • LeDeSociale

    Reminds me of the me in the 90’s, Should have kept all my CK’s.

    Seems to have a new sense of freshness in the fashion scene.

    Love this look, understated and cool.


    • Jasmin

      Absolutely! That’s one of the reasons I’m so bad at getting rid of old clothes. I always feel like they might come back into fashion 😉 xx

  • BamBam

    lovely pictures hun. The plain tee and the coat goe sooo good together,love it !

    Greetings from London!



    • Jasmin

      Thanks sweetie 🙂 xx

  • Glamoury armory

    Hi lovely, great look, I remember those t-shirts back in the 90’s wow time flies!! Have a great weekend. x

    Glamoury Armory Blog

    • Jasmin

      Thanks sweetie! Some things just never go out of fashion 😉 xx

  • Beauty Follower

    A ha ha Miss Sixty was a big trend in my days too 😉

    So was Polo, Diesel, DKNY, Moschino…

    Have a lovely weekend dear 🙂

    • Jasmin

      Hehe…it’s funny how trends used to travel, isn’t it? Even before the age of the internet… xx

  • Mica

    I think there are some logos that are done really well! I guess everyone has different tastes, and as you said we all change our tastes and preferences as we get older.

    That’s the fun thing with fashion, there is something to suit everyone! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    • Jasmin

      You’re absolutely right! Thanks for sharing Mica 🙂 xx

  • Feline Creatures

    Love your CK shirt, and yes I agree it bodes well with the minimalistic look that many people including yourself don so well!! Have a great day Jasmin! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    • Jasmin

      Thanks Lena 🙂 xx

  • Vanessa Troset

    You look gorgeous I love it!
    kisses from

    • Jasmin

      Thank you so much Vanessa 🙂 xx

  • Ivana Džidić

    I really like your minimalist outfit…and you have such a winning smile!

    Calvin Klein logos never looked loud, I agree about that. There is a subtly to them. They remind me of sneakers logs, like Nike and Adidas. You almost expect them to be there…like it would be wrong if they were not.

    As far as I remember, fish bone was quite popular in my teens as well…especially when one nun told her students not to wear it because it is supposedly an anti christian sign (fish bone should be sth negative as opposed to fish as a sign of Christianity). That made kids wear it even wore. I don’t remember wearing it myself but then my allowance was not that great or maybe the shop was somewhere inconvenient.

    I have never been a fan of logos either. I remember I coloured the sign ” United Colors of Benetton” that was over one jumper I bought…. I also sewed beads over terranova sign on my t-shirts so the logo wouldn’t be seen. You see even then I had a love for DIY. What I resented was feeling like an ad so I totally get what you mean.

    Yesterday, however, my husband almost made me one dress that had its logo in glagolitic script but on closer inspection I realized they made a spelling mistake (I know glagolitic script as well as Latin one, I think I’m more likely to make a spelling mistake in the latter). That somehow made me angry. I mean how hard it is so check on sth like that before you let it in production?

    • Jasmin

      Thanks for sharing your logo story! It’s super interesting to read about the experiences of other bloggers 🙂

      It’s rather pathetic that a company manages to spell it’s own logo wrong. I totally agree, how hard can it be to check that it’s indeed translated correctly before letting it in production….oh dear! Yet another reason not to wear logos…