Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea At Sanderson

Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea At Sanderson

To keep the Alice in Wonderland magic alive just a little longer, I’m gonna tumble down the rabbit hole once again, and take you on a trip to the wonderful world of afternoon tea at the Sanderson Hotel in London.

Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea At Sanderson

Upon our arrival at the table, the first thing I noticed was the circus themed bespoke crockery created by the design collective Luna & Curious; each guest had a different set of perfectly matched plates, tea cups and saucers.

Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea At SandersonMad Hatter's Afternoon Tea At SandersonMad Hatter's Afternoon Tea At Sanderson

The menu is hidden in the middle of a vintage book, the sugar is kept in a magical music box with a ballerina that dances to the tune of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” once the box is opened, and the paper napkin rings are each adorned with a different riddle for the guests to solve. Mine was: “What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?” Can you guess what it is?

Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea At SandersonMad Hatter's Afternoon Tea At Sanderson

The concise tea selection is presented at the table in miniature glass vials for guests to sample the aromas of each blend before ordering, and the teapots housing your selected tea variety are painted with kings and queens and each adorned with a cardboard crown.

Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea At SandersonOnce the cake stand with all the colourful sweet and saucy treats arrived jaws dropped in awe. The dainty sandwiches, classic scones and whimsical desserts couldn’t have been presented more beautifully. The whole table was a true feast for the eyes.

Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea At SandersonMad Hatter's Afternoon Tea At SandersonWhile the sandwiches and the sweet double chocolate scones were absolutely fantastic, the desserts, I was so looking forward to sample, failed to impress. Everyone who knows me is aware of my humongous sweet tooth, but Victoria sponge, mango cheesecake and co. couldn’t quite bring me the satisfaction I had anticipated.

Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea At SandersonThe service was ok, not great, and the atmosphere wasn’t as relaxed and serene as it should be for afternoon tea – space was tight, it was way too loud and crowded and we were sitting on ridiculously high stools as opposed to comfy armchairs. Considering the price point of £38 per person I definitely expected a bit more comfort, better service and tastier desserts.

Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea At SandersonWhile I had a great afternoon at the Sanderson – due to excellent company – I don’t think I will return for afternoon tea. If you fancy treating yourself to a truly relaxing and delicious afternoon tea, I suggest you look no further than the Four Seasons. The menu is much more extensive, the price a little lower, the atmosphere so much calmer, and the service nothing but excellent.

  • lorna

    Great review and your pics!!! Yep, I was dragged along to an AT here and came away feeling exactly the same… I’m more a High Tea type but, really rate The Langham for belting good service! Think the service is sort of the whole point.. Plus it’s spitting distance from the shops… Hehe

    • Jasmin

      Thanks for the recommendation Lorna! I totally agree. Service is indeed key! xx

  • borka gamero

    Looks amazing… great photos and yummy food!
    kisses from Miami,

    • Jasmin

      Thanks so much Borka! The sandwiches were heavenly 🙂 xx

  • mademoisellemode
    • Jasmin

      Thanks babe 🙂 xx

  • Bibi

    Ohh this is just way too cute! I love British afternoon teas SO much haha! 🙂 x

    • Jasmin

      Me tooo…It’s my favourite British tradition. Let me know if you want to go some time. I’m always up for a good afternoon tea 🙂 xx

  • Dana

    Awww, I love the Alice in Wonderland story and it really looks great! Although you describe that it wasn’t that good, I would definitely go there and experience by my own. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Love, Dana from

    • Jasmin

      Absolutely, Dana! Tastes differ after all, so maybe you like it much more than me. The presentation is definitely worth it 😉 xx

  • Rachel

    I’m glad you had a great afternoon in the end, though I must say it looks great! 🙂 Have you ever tried the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory afternoon tea at the One Aldwych Hotel? I saw that one when we had a drink there last May, but that one looks pretty awesome too 🙂

    Love, Rachel

    • Jasmin

      It does look great! The presentation and the idea itself were fantastic, just the execution wasn’t brilliant…oh well..I’ve heard of the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory afternoon tea. Might check it out some time. There are so many different afternoon teas I want to try though…London has just too much to offer…hahaha..