Happy Sunday Take Three

Happy Sunday Take ThreeHello my loves! How are you today? I hope you all had a great week and found some time for yourself to refuel and get ready for the week ahead. Tomorrow, I’ll be flying to Germany for two weeks. I used to be really excited about it, but unfortunately, that feeling has passed due to some recent developments. I’d really rather stay in London, but my dad was rather unimpressed when I told him, so I guess I’ll just have to “suffer” in silence, and look forward to my return in two weeks.

Staying positive in situations you’d rather not be in, is not always easy. That’s where the following TED talk sort of comes in. If you haven’t heard of TED before (And I’m not talking about Ted from How I Met Your Mother, even though he’s pretty hilarious too), google it, pick a topic or a playlist that might interest you and enjoy. Most of the talks are pretty entertaining and informative and usually not very long; perfect for people with short attention spans (guilty as charged – unless it comes to a good book) and they’re definitely a more educational alternative to watching mindless TV shows all day.

The TED talk I chose to show you today is all about the power of smiling – smile to increase your life expectancy, smile to improve your marriage, smile to be more successful in life, and smile to make yourself happy (even Charles Darwin was aware of the fact that the relationship between happiness and smiling is a two-way street) – all backed up by science.

Now as an economist I urge you to take the talk (and any other talk) with a pinch of salt. The idea to just smile as much as you can is definitely a good one, but just because there is a correlation between smiling and, let’s say success, doesn’t mean that one necessarily causes the other. I wish every talk referenced the research papers they were based on so that viewers with a penchant for science could dig a little deeper. You wouldn’t believe what kind of crappy research papers some well-known and respected academics publish all the time. They look absolutely fantastic and sound at first sight, but when you look at the actual figures used, all you want to do is shake your head in utter disbelief – and not because they didn’t know better.

I’d also recommend having a browse through the “A Better You” playlist while you’re at it. Some of the talks are truly inspirational.

Do you watch TED talks? Which one is your favourite?