Once you go LUSH you never go back

Lipstick ReviewWhat better way to start a Thursday than with a review of a lip product that has blown my mind so much, I literally couldn’t stop thinking about it for days after I purchased it! I must admit, I’ve only recently become majorly interested in all things beauty. Just a year ago my daily face would consist of concealer, mascara, eyebrow pencil and lip balm..simples. But after having discovered the world of beauty blogs, I just couldn’t deny the need for a more sophisticated make-up routine any longer. And that was the start of something incredibly beautiful…and expensive: a full fledged obsession with bright, bold lips. So off I went on a hunt for the perfect lipstick, and, ladies and gentlemen, I think I found it…

Colour: “Passionate” is a two tone hot purple with blue undertones. I absolutely adore the brightness of the colour..it’s so unusual and definitely attracts a lot of attention. It can, however, make your teeth look a little yellow and may not be the best colour for very fair skinned girls.

Finish: At first it produces a frosty finish, but then just becomes one with the lip and looks like liquid satin.

Formula: It’s an all vegan liquid lipstick infused with organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax that nourish the lips and leave them deeply mosturized and softened.

Application: The application is such a dream. The colour slides on like butter, and the handy applicator makes it really easy to give your lips the desired shape.

Pigmentation: I’d say it’s second to none. The so called lipstick definitely behaves so much more like a stain. One thin coat is enough to produce a completely opaque finish, and stain your lips for eternity…maybe not exactly, but it sure feels like it. Be aware though, accuracy is key with this product. Once it touches the skin it won’t budge. If you do have a little accident, however, be quick and use a milk cleanser/moisturizer infused cotton swab to remove it.

Lasting Power: And again: second to none..a little out of this world even. It doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t crease, it just doesn’t move at all for at least 7 hours with loads of drinking and eating. While the blue-ish iridescence is gone after a while, the bright pink colour stays on the lips for hours without even so much as transferring the slightest hint of colour. Only after a whole day in the office did I feel the need to refresh the colour, as the centre of my lips didn’t look as intense as the rest anymore.

Scent: It has the typical LUSH scent that lingers in the air within half a mile of the shop. If you don’t know what I mean, just get into close proximity of your nearest LUSH, and you’ll know exactly what “Passionate” smells like.

Overall impression: Now that is what I call a rave review. I just cannot fault LUSH’s “Passionate” liquid lipstick. The only annoying bit about it may even be it’s staying power. Even my beloved Clarins eye make-up remover fails miserably at removing the colour unless loads and loads of rubbing is involved. Otherwise it’s like the holy grail of lipsticks. The packaging is so cute; I love the recycable glass bottles that look like they should be filled with some mysterious love potion instead of lipstick, and I cannot get enough of the colour.

Do you have a holy grail lipstick? If so, which one is it, and why is it your HG lipstick?

Lipstick ReviewLipstick ReviewLipstick ReviewLipstick ReviewLipstick ReviewLipstick Review