Get The Glow – 10 Steps to Radiant Skin Part 1

Radiant, glowing skin à la Doutzen Kroes is something we’re all after. While some of us are naturally blessed with the glow factor, others have to work a little harder to make their skin look all dewy, but in a non-greasy way of course. While I was compiling a list of 10 steps to the perfect complexion, I realised that five radiance boosters worked from within, and the other five were merely handy tricks to fake a radiant complexion. As there is a lot to say about either category, I decided to split the two, and start off with the 5 steps for a natural glow from within…

Step 1 – Drink water: duhh…a no-brainer really. Healthy skin is happy skin, and it’s a well-known secret that the first step to a healthy complexion is what? Yes, you’re right, drinking lots and lots of water to flush out toxins. In fact, you should grab a glass right now and get started on achieving that dewy skin look.

Step 2 – Eat a healthy diet: This ties in neatly with Step 1. Cut down on sugar and dairy to fight those nasty blemishes, cut down on salt to prevent your face from looking bloated and make sure that your diet is rich in omega 3 fatty acids (found in fish and walnuts), vitamin C (found in citrus fruits and spinach) and fiber-rich foods, like fresh vegetables and fruits. Try my Green Juice for a yummy way to give your skin a lot of the vitamins and nutrients it needs to glow from within.

Step 3 – Exfoliate: In order to achieve a radiant complexion, your skin has to be smooth enough to reflect the light. The older we get, the slower skin cell renewal becomes and dead skin cells start piling up, diffusing the light, and thus making the skin look dull. Use a gentle chemical exfoliator (like the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewel Mask) once or twice a week or if you prefer a natural option, mash strawberries into yogurt and leave a thin layer of the mixture on the face for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

Step 4 – Get the most out of you skincare: Now that your skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom you can make it glow by using skincare products that hydrate, firm and brighten the skin. Vitamin C (The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver) is a powerful antioxidant that fades sunspots, boosts circulation and protects against UVA damage. Facial oils (Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil) are super moisturizing and help the skin to heal from within, and they are perfect to balance oily skin. Just apply it in the evening as your moisturizer and come morning you’re skin will be hydrated, luminous and not even in the slightest greasy.

Step 5 – Protect your skin from sun damage: Yet another no-brainer. Always apply an SPF (La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Extreme Face Fluid SPF50) over your moisturizer to protect your skin from premature aging, sunspots and all the other nasty things the sun can do to your skin to make it look all dull and unhappy.

There you go, a comprehensive list of things you can do, to naturally get the glow without faking it. If you are after a quick fix, however, stay tuned for the second part of my guide to radiant skin coming next Wednesday.

Did I miss anything? How do you make your skin glow from within?

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