Get Dressed With Me – Mixing Fabrics

Get Dressed With Me - Mixinf Fabrics

Have I mentioned that I’m really looking forward to the warmer months? Yes yes, I think I might have dropped a few hints here and there. But let me just say it one more time: I can’t wait for summer, pretty summer dresses, open toe wedges and ice cream every day. London turns into a magical dreamland in summer. Everything that used to be ugly and grey is suddenly bright and beautiful…and even the people seem happier and nicer than usual.

The only thing I will dearly miss as soon as the temperatures hit the 20°C mark is layering. Layers, layers and more layers not only keep you warm, but can make you look so incredibly cool in such an effortless way. And the best thing about layering? It’s the perfect opportunity to mix all your favourite fabrics in one outfit, especially if you opt for a look in only one colour.

So when I woke up this morning, and realised it was rather cold outside, I seized the opportunity and created a leather-on-jacquard-on-chambray-on-denim look that made me feel like a 16-year old Gap model. Combining so many different fabrics can get a little messy, but if you stick to just one colour in different nuances it creates a really interesting effect that isn’t too bold for an everyday outfit.

Now sit back and enjoy the short video. All the outfit deets are in the downbar on Youtube, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos every Friday.


Jasmin xx

  • Elodie Luis

    Such a comfy outfit 🙂

    • whatdefinesus

      It is indeed! Nothing beats a comfy outfit 😉 xx