From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn

If you are a regular reader you may have noticed that I’m a woman of many words. 300 words are hardly ever enough for me to get my message sufficiently across. Yet, even chatterboxes like me have a limit, and I may have just found mine. I am dedicated to spending at least two hours per day on blogging related activities, and it’s not like I have to force myself to write. I thoroughly enjoy it and love working on my blog. In the last four days (at the time of writing), however, I’ve managed to invest exactly zero hours. Shame on me, but hooray for German efficiency and me writing blog posts well in advance…phew…otherwise my blog would have looked rather empty.

From Dusk Till Dawn Most of my precious hours have been consumed by work (as per usual), and finding a new flatmate. My current flatmate is moving out (sad times, cause she’s the best), but I’m already excited for my new roomie. We’ve met twice this week and she’s super lovely. So let’s see what the future brings.

From Dusk Till Dawn As I’ve been super busy with the more serious side of life lately – running around like a crazy chicken to get everything done on time, I’ve decided to show you a look that can be adapted to many different occasions in a heartbeat without any effort whatsoever. The flowing white blouse from H&M (similare here) and the faux leather pants from Miss Selfridge (similar here) form the basis of each look. For a work appropriate adaptation, I suggest you swap the sandals from Tommy Hilfiger (similar here and here) for a nice pair of court shoes, tuck in the shirt and throw on a structured black blazer.

From Dusk Till Dawn During your lunch break in the park, feel free to pull out your shirt, put the sandals back on and hide your eyes behind a fierce pair of sunglasses (mine are from Emporio Armani) to safely and stylishly enjoy the sun. And if you’re up for a cheeky drink after work, show a tad more cleavage, leave the blazer behind and make sure that you reapply your red lipstick before you leave the office. Easy peasy 🙂

  • Bibi

    I just looove this look! It’s simple but chic and like you said, easy peasy 😉 Xx

    • Jasmin

      Hahaha..thank you! I just love simple but versatile outfits 🙂 xx