Florals and Fringes

Florals and FringesFlorals and FringesFlorals and fringes, fringes and florals – they’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere – don’t even try to outrun them this summer. While the floral trend is as omnipresent as ever, fringes are clearly celebrating a banging comeback. Embrace them on the edges of bags, skirts, on the side of trousers or jacket sleeves to make a lasting impression this season.

Florals and FringesFlorals and FringesFlorals and FringesTrue, a fringed look can feel a little daring, even inconvenient considering the ridiculous amount of times the looped fringes of my dress decided to get stuck somewhere. Yet nothing beats the carefree moment when you spin around in your favourite fringe number in front of beautiful blossoming trees.

So who’s ready to join the revolution, and put their best fringe forward?

Florals and Fringes

The Look

Dress – Topshop via Fashionchick*

Jacket – Zara (similar here)

Sandals – H&M (similar here)

  • http://www.perceivedstyle.com/ PerceivedStyle

    I just adore your photography as usual. 😀


  • http://www.mahryska.com officialmahryska

    such a gorgeous fringe dress 🙂

    kisses from dubai ♥

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you so much Mahryska 🙂 xx

  • Elena Dal Maso

    You look wonderful, I love this dress :)))
    And what a great smile…


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you Elena! 🙂 xx

  • http://www.sprinklesofstyle.co.uk sprinklesofstyle

    Honey – you look gorgeous!!!! I am in love with your outfit and your blog – it’s far too pretty and I always seem to come back here and get inspiration haha! 🙂

    I hope you’re well hun!

    Layla xx


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thanks a million Layla! Your comment made my day 🙂 xx

  • http://www.junepaski.com/ June Paski

    you look stunning on that fringe dress, I love how it move when you turned around and you matched it very well with denim jacket, they have 90s feel and the background is so beautiful, cherry trees blossom beautifully!!

    xxx June


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you so much June! That’s very sweet of you 🙂 xx

  • Whitney V

    You look so cute twirling around your fringed jacket! I’m embracing it as well, I’m loving fringed bags, jackets and shoes the most! 😉



    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you sweetie! Can’t wait to see your fringed looks 🙂 xx

  • http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com/ Mica

    That fringed dress is lovely on you! A nice twist to a dress having such a fun hem! 🙂

    It’s nice with the denim jacket, and of course that tree in the background!

    Away From The Blue

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thanks Mica! I’m so happy you like the look 🙂 xx

  • http://www.hashtagbylily.com/ #byLily

    Gotta love fringes! It makes you want to dance all day long! 🙂 How I missed reading you articles! Have a lot to catch up, going to sit back and relax now and enjoy the ‘What defines us’ roman 😉

    X Lily

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Indeed! You weren’t kidding when you promised to catch up with my articles, were you? 😀 I’ve been super bad lately too 😉 xx

  • http://www.jonthegold.com/ Jonathan Zegbe

    Great post! 😉 The fringes really make me happy ( i dont know why haha )

    new festival look on my blog : FESTIVAL

    Greets Jon

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Haha…that’s awesome! 🙂 xx

  • http://www.mressentialist.com MR ESSENTIALIST

    Loving the denim jacket here – perfect for spring.

    Mr Essentialist

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thanks 🙂 xx

  • http://www.reveriesanctuary.com/ shanaz@ReverieSanctuary

    I love seeing the fringe look on people but I’m afraid I can’t really wear it as I’ve this weird fringe phobia but on bags, maybe. Hehe. You look good in your casual chic number, Jasmin. I love the pop of color and the fun way you’re twirling in the green =D xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Fringe phobia? Sounds tough 😉 I must admit, though. Fringes are everything but convenient…if only they didn’t look so cool 😀 xx

  • Nina

    Beautiful pictures. xx


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you Nina 🙂 xx

  • http://twoward.com vivian

    Happy Tuesday Jasmin! Oooh la laaa this look is amazing! I love the fringed ending of your dress! It creates a playful yet stylish touch to your look 😉 Gorgeous! xo Vivian

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment Vivian. I’m so so happy you like the look 🙂 xx

  • Carrie

    such a great Outfit, amazin gpics

    Check out my new post on my blog
    Posts online about Hallstatt, Tahiti, St. Tropez…

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you Carrie 🙂 xx

  • http://www.theavantguardian.com/ THE AVANTGUARDIAN

    I LOVE the fringe end of the dress! I have been looking for something like this for ages. Why is it that the moment you need something, you can’t find it in stores anymore! Le sigh..

    Love the floral backdrop by the way! Gorgeous 😀


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      When this happens to me, it’s usually because thousands of people had exactly the same thought…just a little earlier 😀 xx

  • Beauty Follower

    Love the fringed ending of your dress!


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thanks 🙂 xx

  • http://365hangers.com/blog/ 365hangers

    Fringe and florals for life! We are so in love with your fringe dress, the color, the shape, the everything. It’s so cute for summer, and we see you having a lot of fun with it come transition time in September 🙂

    xx 365Hangers

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you so much! It is indeed a fab dress and so much fun twirling around in 🙂 xx

  • http://theleeday.com/ annie lee

    throw denim jacket on top of anything and i love it!


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Haha…agreed 🙂 xx

  • isabel selles

    beautiful pictures lovely!! and that dress is gorgeous!




    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you so much Isa 🙂 xx

  • Ivana Džidić

    I really do like that dress with fringes…such a lovely shade of orange! Pairing it with a denim jacket was the right style choice…and the sandals are lovely.

    I made one necklace with fringes, but I can’t find the time to actually take photos of it…so many necklaces I made are still waiting to be photographed 🙂

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thanks dear! It’s definitely different to what I usually wear, isn’t it? I can’t wait to see the fringed necklace you made. Considering your huge talent for DIY projects, I’m sure it’s absolutely fabulous 🙂 xx

  • Ting

    These photos are so lovely! xo


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you Ting 🙂 x