External Influences

External InfluencesI hate to admit it, but I recently realised that the looks I choose to wear on a daily basis are much less a reflection of my mood, my soul, my inner self, than they are of my surroundings, the city I’m in, the people I am out with. That is not to say that I would ever compromise on my personal style of course. No, my style is my style, and no place or person can change that.

External InfluencesAfter moving to London and being exposed to so many stylish people, I never again cared much about my appearance when visiting my tiny village near Hannover. No offense to the people living there, but it’s such an unstylish place with hardly any fashion-conscious people. Dressing nicely in Hannover is like wasting a perfectly fabulous outfit on an extremely boring day. I’m sure you understand. Don’t we all hate it when that happens?

External InfluencesExternal InfluencesIn London, I usually kept it either casual-cool, wearing wide-legged pants, turtlenecks and booties, or a little fancier, with midi skirts, heels and a bright red pout being my favourites. Yes…the red pout. I’d hardly ever leave the house without wearing lipstick. The brighter the better.

External InfluencesSince I moved to Berlin, though, I haven’t really worn any lipstick. Only once actually, when Paul and I went for brunch at Kopps and took these pictures. Can you believe it? I didn’t even realise it until I started writing this article. It was never a conscious decision. It just happened…very organically.

External InfluencesBerlin is like an edgy caricature of Paris. It’s just as effortless, but much less chic. The makeup is simple, almost invisible (I literally forgot to put on mascara before I went to work the other day), the hair undone, and the style? Dark, oversized, layered and very casual. Not only the people, even the buildings exude this super carefree vibe. And it has clearly rubbed off on me. I almost enjoy dressing like I just stumbled out of bed…it’s so much fun and totally liberating.

External Influences

The Look

T-Shirt – ASOS

Shirt – Tophop (similar here)

Trousers – Zara (similar here)

Coat – ASOS

Sneakers – New Balance

Scarf- VYVYN Hill

Necklace – Engelsrufer

(Pics by Paul)

  • http://www.inspiredsentiment.blogspot.com Reshma

    I know totally what you mean… living in the city, I put a little more effort prior to heading out the door. But when I’m back home in the smaller town I grew up… sometimes it does seem like a waste to wear a more stylish outfit… at the same time, it also feels nice to be a little more care-free.

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      True that! I guess it’s all about the balance :) xx

  • http://www.reveriesanctuary.com/ shanaz@ReverieSanctuary

    This is a very interesting post – your perception about how the environment influences our style is spot on! I love it when you take us into your little fashion epiphanies like this, hehe. It is very true as I come from a little town perched on a little city that is – to be honest – so remotely far from being fashionable (lol) but we’re surprisingly fans of colors/patterns that it can cross into gaudy territory pretty fast. =D xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you so much Shanaz. Hehe…It was quite a revelation indeed 😀 I’d love to experience the fashion in your hometown. I wonder how it would influence my own style :) xx

  • http://www.mahryska.com officialmahryska

    i super love the look and i think you should take it as a good learning experience…more like experimenting on different looks and style coz at the end of the day, oversized or tailored, rep lippy or nude, dressing up is still about you and it will always reflect all the beautiful kinds of you :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Awe Mahryska…that’s such a sweet comment. Thank you so much for your wise words. You’re absolutely right :) xx

  • Michèle

    wow. I just fell in love with that cozy coat and the cool sneakers


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Hehe…thanks Michèle. Glad you like the look :) xx

  • borka gamero

    You Inspire me!
    Kisses from Miami,

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      What a huge compliment! Thanks Borka :) xx

  • http://www.sprinklesofstyle.co.uk sprinklesofstyle

    Gorgeous – I am loving this look!! It’s beautiful and the pop of colour from your lipstick compliments the whole outfit perfectly!!! Stunning! I really hope you’re well and enjoying yourself! :)

    Layla xx


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment Layly :) xx

  • Madison

    You are so right! But I’m loving this look. The coat is so great<3

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thanks Madison :) xx

  • http://www.balgarka.co.uk/ Lubka Christova

    This monochrome look has the perfect city chic in it. Loving it to bits!! :)

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thanks a million Lubka :) xx

  • http://myclosetlife.com/ Kaley

    Love these photos! The chic, classic outfit with the fun sneakers is awesome!



    My Closet Life Blog

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thanks so much Kaley! Glad you like it :) xx

  • Naelle Oip

    I love your coat. and i agree and think its pretty normal to be influenced by external factors…our personality is also influenced, even without realizing it sometimes…as long as you feel you in your clothes, all is fine :)

    greetings from Paris !

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Yeah…that’s the thing. I knew that there were many factors that influenced my way of dressing, but I never realised the city I live in was one of them…until recently that is 😉 xx

  • http://www.bibigoeschic.com Bibi

    Awh love this! You couldn’t have said it any better! It is true, there are certain expectations in london that are different when in other cities. Berlin certainly is fashionable, but yes, like an edgier version of paris :) x


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Yeah exactly! I actually feel like Paris in Berlin are so similar on so many levels, but in a very abstract way, if that makes sense 😀 xx

  • Elena Dal Maso

    Dear Jasmin,
    maybe it’s a phase in your life, you try to get rid of what you learned in London on fashion and care of yourself. But if you started again to put a lovely lipstick, it’s time to find a new balance between London and Hannover :)))
    Being chic is also a matter of soul, of what you fell inside… And your smile is always irresistible!!!


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Hehe…yes! I totally agree. It’s all about that balance right? I’m trying to be better with the lipstick from now on :) xx

  • http://www.felinecreatures.com/ Feline Creatures

    You look super chic Jasmin, love the oversized coat and how you paired it with the sneakers. You work street style like a boss girl! And thanks for sharing the many looks from London to Berlin to Paris, it’s always great to learn how people in Europe in dress :) Have a great rest of your week hun! xo~ Lena


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you so much Lena! That’s a compliment I’ll gladly accept :) xx

  • fashionillustrationsbymc

    that coat looks so comfy and warm!


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thanks dear! It’s super comfy, but not that warm unfortunately 😀 xx

  • http://365hangers.com/blog/ 365hangers

    Love this look and we deffinitly feel you in regards to allowing a city to mold our style. It just happens that way, but we don’t mind :) Loving this look and the light berry lips are gorgeous.

    xx 365Hangers

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way 😀 And thanks..my lips were actually bright purple, but the colour came out much more “innocent” in the shots 😉 xx

  • http://messagesonanapkin.blogspot.com/ Marlen

    Ditto what Rafaela said :) And it just seems like your style is shifting a bit, which is bound to happen sooner or later. I personally love the baggy dark layers, so keep em coming 😉

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Hehe…thanks girl (although I wasn’t fishing for compliments. Promise!) xx

  • Rafaela

    You look great in any outfit or make up so don’t worry about that :)


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Aww..aren’t you the sweetest. Thank you so much Rafaela :) xx

  • Lucia Gallego

    Awesome outfit dear, love the casual and sporty way you chose to wear it! :)


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thank you so much Lucia! That’s incredibly sweet of you :) xx

  • Ivana Džidić

    We are all influenced by our surroundings…and this is not necessarily a bad thing. It happens, as you say, organically…I would agree that it occurs naturally. Personal style is something we always carry with ourselves…but how we interpret it, depends on many factors.

    I do really like the layering of this look…and the effortless vibe.


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      True that. I’ve always been quite aware of a few factors that have been influencing my way of dressing, but only recently did I realise that the city I live in is one of those factors…it was quite a revelation 😀 xx

  • http://cvetybaby.com/ Cvetina Cekova

    Amazing as always! I love the coat, sneakers and these pants are fab!


    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thanks Cvetina :) xx

  • http://stylechezmoi.com/ Claudia

    You have an amazing style and taste :) I love this outfit x

    Claudia, Style Chez Moi

    • http://whatdefinesus.com/ Jasmin

      Thanks so much Claudia! That’s incredibly sweet of you :) xx