Dance The Night Away

Dance The Night AwayHello sexy people, how’s it going? I thought I’d surprise you with another OOTD video today. Despite the beautiful weather or maybe because of it, shooting the video was a bit of a pain. First, a group of pre-pubescent boys decided to follow me around like little puppies, and ask me a ton of incredibly inappropriate questions. Just to give you an example: “Are you filming a porn movie?” was definitely one of my favourites. And when I’d finally managed to shake off the little rascals and started filming, I got photobombed several times.

Regarding the outfit, I wanted to go for something more daring and party-appropriate. The choice of dress was an easy one. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently hopelessly obsessed with high necks, even on dresses, so I naturally picked my only dress with a high neck. What you can’t see in the video, however, is that it has very cute cut out shoulders that expose just the right amount of skin. To edge it up, I then paired the dress with clunky suede boots with studs on the back, and the coolest jacket ever; I absolutely adore the padded shoulders and the subtle stud and zip details.

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