Culottes Are The New Turtlenecks

Culottes Are The New TurtlenecksHello my loves! How are you today? Whilst I’m sitting here at my laptop, writing to you, the sun is shining, it is warm outside and spring is in full bloom. It is such a beautiful day, and words cannot describe how much I enjoyed shooting this outfit earlier – the gentle breeze on my skin, the adjacent park full of happy people and laughing children, and even the pigeons didn’t bother me as much as they normally do. At some point, they all gathered around me, expecting food (don’t you just loathe people who feed pigeons?), but they realised rather quickly that I didn’t have any, and fluttered off…luckily without pooping on me!

As you have probably noticed already, I’m wearing my beloved culottes again. I honestly can’t get enough of them. They’ve definitely reached holy grail status and are slowly but steadily superseding my trusty turtleneck as my go to wardrobe staple piece. I have talked about culottes before in this article, but I feel like they haven’t gotten enough praise just yet. Feeling sceptical about culottes? Then you clearly haven’t tried them yet…or at least failed to find the right pair. A perfect fitting pair of culottes will change your life, whether you’re petit, tall or voluptuous…culottes are the one trouser shape that flatters female bodies of all sizes and shapes – that alone is enough to love them.

Not only do they free your legs – gone are the days where your skinny jeans cling to your sticky thighs on a hot summer’s day – they also free your spirit and will transform you into a bohemian goddess…well maybe not exactly, but their lightweight, airy fabric sure can make you feel like a bit of a wild child ready for festival season. I’m already eyeing another pair from Mango. A classic in black for when I feel a bit more preppy or need a more elegant version for a fancy dinner. Watch this space…

Have you jumped on the culottes bandwagon yet?

Culottes Are The New TurtlenecksCulottes Are The New TurtlenecksCulottes Are The New TurtlenecksCulottes Are The New TurtlenecksCulottes Are The New TurtlenecksCulottes Are The New TurtlenecksThe Look

T-SHIRT – Asos



HEELED SANDALS – H&M (similar here)