Cookies Cream

Cookies CreamThinking of dining out at Berlin’s hippest vegetarian restaurant? Be prepared for an evening full of adventures – and not only those of the culinary kind. The first challenge for any visitor, who isn’t in the know, will be locating the door. How hard can it be to find the entrance to a restaurant right? Riiiiiight!

Cookies CreamCookies CreamHidden away in a dimly lit delivery yard that feels more like the kind of place junkies would come to shoot up at night, behind rows of dumpsters and wooden crates, only the bravest of foodies will find the door to culinary bliss. And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the most humongous haunted house chandelier you have ever seen. It’s so out of place, it totally fits in.

Cookies CreamBut don’t even think for a second that you can just walk right into Cookies Cream once you reach the plain wooden door. Now that would be way too easy, wouldn’t it? Only after ringing the bell, and waiting for somebody to open the door for you will your party be allowed to ascend the stairway to the restaurant, and gaze at the awesome interior. Exposed brick walls, low concrete ceilings and vulgar wall art stand in perfect contrast to the retro benches and crisp white table linen – typically Berlin!

Cookies CreamThe menu at Cookies Cream may not be extensive with 5 starters and mains each, and 3 desserts to choose from, but every dish is so unusual and special that the decision is hard enough as it is. Especially in summer, most of the ingredients are seasonal, coming from local farmers and farmers collectives that plant long forgotten produce, like the purple Urkarotte, specifically for Stephan Hentschel, the head chef of Cookies Cream.

Cookies CreamCookies CreamSo if you were dreading to be faced with yet another menu filled with pasta, rice and tofu dishes you will be pleasantly surprised. Every single dish we ordered was a little piece of art – almost too pretty to be eaten. But hunger prevailed and so we each devoured a three-course meal accompanied by a bottle of white – our waitress made sure that our glasses were sufficiently filled at all times.

Cookies CreamI promise you that even the most ardent meat-eaters will love this place. Heady creations like Quail’s egg in brioche, and Parmesan dumplings with Perigord Truffle will make you forget that you’ve ever been a carnivore. The price point of a three-course meal may not be insignificant, but if you ever feel like treating yourself to a really good dinner – whether you’re vegetarian or not – you have to check out Cookies Cream.

Cookies CreamCookies Cream

  • Beauty Follower

    The place look so cool

    and the dishes simply delicious!

    • Jasmin

      I agree. It’s a real gem :) xx

  • shanaz@ReverieSanctuary

    Why oh why must you tempt me with such delicious food at this hour. My stomach rumbles as I go over the photos and it doesn’t help that your write-up makes my mouth water even more. I especially can’t get over these lines: It’s so out of place, it totally fits in and …Parmesan dumplings with Perigord Truffle will make you forget that you’ve ever been a carnivore. I need to go hunt for food now… =O

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • Jasmin

      Haha…I feel the same way looking at the pictures right now..the food was so good! I wish I could go there every evening 😀 xx

  • Bibi

    Omg this looks soooo heavenly! And what a cool location, definitely adds an interesting touch ! When I come to berlin I’ll definitely check it out :) x

    • Jasmin

      Absolutely! It would be the perfect place for a long due catch-up :) xx

  • Tailored and true

    It sounds like such a cool experience! Love this!

    • Jasmin

      It was amazing, thanks :) xx

  • taimemode

    It looks so yummy :)

    Bisous de France


    • Jasmin

      I couldn’t agree more, Sandy :) xx

  • Cvetina Cekova

    Looks really yummy! And that place is nice! Thanks for sharing Jasmin!


    • Jasmin

      You’re welcome Cvetina. Glad you like it :) xx

  • K.

    I am just loving this post and all it’s photos. And just look at that food. Beautiful.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

    • Jasmin

      Thank you so much! I’m happy you like the post :) xx

  • 365hangers

    Wow, that looks utterly divine. We’re saving this for if we ever find ourselves in berlin. Seriously, we want everything you photographed, and the experience sounds magically unique!

    xx 365Hangers

    • Jasmin

      Hehe…this restaurant alone makes Berlin worth a visit 😉

  • Alyssa Martinez

    I think I’m loving Berlin more and more! I’m looking for schools to continue my study on art and Berlin is one of the cities I’m actually considering base from my dad and other student’s recommendation and the burgeoning vegan restaurants. ‘Cause when I went back to college I know I’ll be back on my fast food eating habits quickly.


    • Jasmin

      I cannot recomment Berlin enough. It’s such a vibrant and multicultural city…I’m sure you’d love it here :) xx

  • Lubka Christova

    I love hidden secret places that usually someone has to introduce you to the venue, otherwise you have no chance of knowing where it is. Very cool entrance indeed. I’d love to do a photo shoot there!

    Small but well selected and thought through menus are those that work best. It means seasonal and fresh ingredients, served creatively. The pictures look indeed very good!

    • Jasmin

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. I’d love to do a photo shoot there too. This place has such a special atmosphere :) xx

  • Andraxela13

    OMG these dishes look pretty awesome!

    • Jasmin

      They do right? Like little pieces of art :) xx

  • Cissy Zhang

    Oh looks so yum!!! So jealous and hungry now

    Have a great week!

    xx Girl in the Bunny Ears

    • Jasmin

      You too babe :) xx

  • Feline Creatures

    I love the dark mysterious ambience of the restaurant, not to mention the food looks spectacular! I have to try the quail’s egg in brioche, sounds like a very unique and delicious meal! :) xo~ Lena

    • Jasmin

      The quail’s egg in brioche was divine, but very heavy. Although it was only the starter it filled me up rather well 😀 xx

  • kaja

    Ugh everything looks so good!

    • Jasmin

      It does right? 😉 xx

  • Belén Klockare Sarzosa

    Everything looks so delicious!!!

    • Jasmin

      Hehe…and it WAS delicious 😉 xx

  • vanessaah92

    So lovely pics and yummy food!

    • Jasmin

      Thank you Vanessa :) xx

  • Michèle

    yummy these food pictures look so good. really hungry right now. :-O

    • Jasmin

      Hehe…glad you like them Michèle :) xx

  • officialmahryska

    oh the place looks interesting :)

    kisses from dubai ♥

    • Jasmin

      It’s cool right? :) xx

  • Eline

    I love how they really give you an experience, instead of just a meal. And wow, those dishes look amazing! I hope you’re having a nice weekend! X

    • Jasmin

      Thanks sweetie! It was indeed an experience :) xx

  • Ivana Džidić

    the food does look so arty..and so beautiful! I’m sure it tastes heavenly as well…If ever I end up in Berlin….

    and interesting how the entrance is hard to find:) maybe to make it a bit hush-hush?

    • Jasmin

      Absolutely! It’s all about being edgy, cool and super exclusive 😉 xx

      • Ivana Džidić

        in Split some places are exclusive because it is hard to find them. The old part of the town is basically a preserved summer palace of an achient Roman Empire and it has some incerdibly narrow streets…People would lock themselves within the walls everytime there was some war (and this part of the world that was often, especially during the 5 centuries long war with the Turks) so it’s full of houses and narrow passages ( and interestingly until recently it was where the poor people lived).

        I myself find it hard to explain to somebody where is something and how to get there. I manuver this labirint by memory and instics but people can get lost in them:) and they do ocasionally:)

        A friend of mine (a priest now) used to tell me how he and his friends (at the time studying to become prists) would hang out in getto (a cafe known as junkie/alternative art place ) because that was the last place someone would look for them:)

        wow, that was one long reply…I guess my mind is in active state or something…ha ha ha

        • Jasmin

          Wow…this sounds so interesting. I can totally picture it in my head, but would love to actually experience it myself with you as my guide. Thanks so much for the amazing reply. You’re just as good at painting a picture with your words as you are with the brush :) xx

  • Nina at HaveYouHeardOfIt?

    Ooo I’d heard about this place – am sad I didn’t get to go after seeing the intriguing entrance photos! Xx

    – Nina | Have You Heard Of It? |

    • Jasmin

      Next time 😉 xx