Clean Slate

Clean SlateWe all start with a clean slate, our entire life ahead of us, naïve, honest and free of the worries of yesterday and the uncertainties of tomorrow. Life in the here and now – a luxury reserved to children. As toddlers, the only tomorrows we ever acknowledge are Christmas and our birthdays. Yesterday? Never even happened. Every day is a whole new blithe adventure.

And then time catches up. We start school, land our first job, pay taxes, and suddenly the whole concept of yesterday and tomorrow changes to the core; we have to keep track, remember and foresee. Suddenly, the slate isn’t so clean anymore. We become shaped by memories from the past and excited for, but also worried about the next day.

Clean SlateOh, but what if we could just wipe the slate clean again? Take a calculated risk, and start from scratch? Well…the beauty of being an adult is that we can. We need to listen to our gut feeling, stop worrying about tomorrow and look at the big picture (a glass of wine won’t hurt at this stage).

Clean SlateFor the occasion I chose to dress in white with some pastel on the side. The beautiful number that made the cut? A broderie skater dress from Marks & Spencer. Nothing beats a sporty dress with a playful edge…especially when it’s made of pure cotton – a seasonal favourite of mine. Paired with a light denim jacket, it’s the perfect piece for a fresh start.

Clean Slate

The Look

Dress – Marks & Spencer via Fashionchick*

Jacket – Zara (similar here)

Bag – Zara (similar here)

Sandals – Forever 21* (similar here)

  • #byLily

    Lovely lovely lovely, that dress is made for you! And I can’t get enough of that backdrop!! wow!

    X Lily

    • Jasmin

      Thanks sweetie :-* xx

  • Beauty Follower

    Love the bag & dress match!

    • Jasmin

      Thank you! I didn’t even notice 😀 xx

  • LeDeSociale

    Such a beautiful mood of spring! You look gorgeous, I agree with the fresh slate.



    • Jasmin

      Thank you so much Giana 🙂 xx

  • Bibi

    You look beautifuuul in that white dress, springtime is such a lovely season and perfect for fresh starts!! x

    • Jasmin

      Thank you sweetie 🙂 xx

  • sprinklesofstyle

    I can’t get enough of your outfits and post – you always look stunning and just have such an edge for all your outfits!!! Absolutely beautiful – you look so happy too!!!

    Hope you’re well hun! 🙂

    Layla xx

    • Jasmin

      Thank you Layla! That’s so sweet of you 🙂 xx

  • Feline Creatures

    Truly a perfect ensemble for a fresh start! I agree with you Jasmin I think we need to re-think about our lives every once in a while to determine if we are on the right track. If we are derailing then we need to muster the guts to start again. Thanks for the share and I love how your outfit resonates with your thoughts on life. Love the details on the skirt and the color-block bag is a wonderful add-on. Have a great day gorgeous! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    • Jasmin

      Thank you sweetie! 🙂 xx


    Starting things from scratch is a way of building things up again and there’s much more room for progress. It’s not easy for us millennials 😉

    You look lovely by the way!

    • Jasmin

      Thank you sweetie! And no…it really isn’t 😉 xx

  • 365hangers

    Love everything about this look and it really is perfectly symbolic of a fresh start. Love it, love this post, and love your outfit…oh and LOVE your bag!

    xx 365Hangers

    • Jasmin

      Thanks a million 🙂 xx

  • sonia de macedo

    Oh wine! Thank God for wine. It’s funny how perspectives change as you get older. Back then there is such a rush for time to speed up so you can do “all the things” and you “finally” get to that point but time remains even more unfriendly, going by too fast. Life gets in the way, worries pile up and up drowning you in their misery. It’s hard to stop and remember to breathe but that’s the only way to look forward. That and remember every day is anew and a way to start fresh. The trouble is remembering this isn’t it hahaha!


    • Jasmin

      Haha..Amen sister 😀 You definitely hit the nail on the head. xx

  • Lubka Christova

    I find starting from scratch a little bit difficult sometimes. Especially after relocating in another country 😉

    You look fabulous. This M&S dress is so gorgeous!!

    • Jasmin

      It’s difficult, yes! But also necessary and freeing sometimes 🙂 xx

  • annie lee

    love these shots – you’re so lovely 🙂

    • Jasmin

      Thank you Annie 🙂 xx

  • Vanessa Troset

    You look pretty I love it!

    • Jasmin

      Thank you Vanessa 🙂 xx

  • PerceivedStyle

    I do love the denim over that dress ?


    • Jasmin

      Thank you Kam 🙂 xx

      • PerceivedStyle

        You are most welcome Jasmin 😀

  • Elena Dal Maso

    While reading his post, I remembered Nietzsche’s children in Also sprach Zarathustra, who play and laugh and cry and don’t worry about tomorrow. It’s something very difficult for an adult, you know 🙂
    You look so great in these pastel colors, I love your smile :)))


    • Jasmin

      Thank you sweetie! I really appreciate it 🙂 xx


    Nice shots – love the Cherry Blossoms!

    Mr Essentialist

    • Jasmin

      Thank you 🙂 xx

  • shanaz@ReverieSanctuary

    Your post has made me nostalgic once again.The clean slate, the kind we had as children is one of the best things we can look back on and yearn to have if only once more. As adults, we can never be as carefree as we once were, can we? In any case, a glass of red wine definitely helps, haha! I’m loving the lighter colors and the huge honey-sweet smile you’re wearing <3 =D

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • Jasmin

      No we can’t….but we can try our best to become as carefree as possible, right? 🙂 xx

  • Mica

    That white dress is lovely, and so nice with the denim jacket! 🙂

    I agree that we always have the another chance – tomorrow is another day and we can start over again! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    • Jasmin

      Thank you Mica! 🙂 xx

  • Ivana Džidić

    What you have written is so true. Things change for us when we become adults, but we must remember this doesn’t mean we don’t get to start things anew. Doing something new every day or even starting a whole new chapter in life—that is something we can always do.

    What a lovely combo to match this great set. I’m in love with those sandals! so retro:) I managed to find a similar pair but they’re not exactly comfy. Anyhow, the bag, the shoes, the dress…everything comes together in this look.

    It’s hard to find clothes that is actually made from cotton today…sometimes it is more fifty fifty than 100 percent cotton, but I’m glad to see you find this charming sporty dress…and I must say you look divine in that dress!

    • Jasmin

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment Ivana! I was so lucky with those sandals. They were super cheap, but are insanely soft and comfy 🙂 xx