Angel Whisperer

Angel Whisperer…sometimes at dawn, when we’re not exactly sure whether we’re awake or asleep, or at dusk, when shadows form, which let us doubt our feelings, we feel an invisible presence, a whisper, a flutter, a wing stroke, the feeling that something is caressing our cheeks…something we can’t define.

These are the angels that surround us, that come and go. They can hear our secrets, our whispers and know our desires.

If you have lost faith in them, because of grief, loss or pain, then this is your Angel Whisperer. It allows your guardian angels to find you, and you to find them.

My mum gave me my personal angel whisperer together with three beautiful sound balls for my last birthday. The basket of the pendant is handcrafted from rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver. Inside the basket there is a sound ball that is available in many different colours, each of which has a special meaning and a unique, subtle sound that calls our guardian angels to protect us from harm and give us strength.

Angel WhispererThe turquoise sound ball stands for inner balance, honesty, communication and self-confidence.

Gold presents wealth, sun, warmth, clarity, vitality and inspiration. It raises self-esteem, and reduces feelings of fear, insecurity and indifference.

Black dominates the light, the glow. It stands for elegance, power, integrity, individuality and independence. Black can enhance all emotional reactions, and is a symbol of creativity.

At first I thought it would be weird to chime with every step, but after wearing my Angel Whisperer for a few hours I actually grew super fond of it. Although I’m not sure whether I should really buy into the whole Angel thing, I love the sentiment behind it. It’s a beautiful present for a special person in your life, and will always remind them of you, the present giver, with every subtle clang.

Angel Whisperer

  • Cvetina Cekova

    Aw this is really beautiful jewel! nice idea! I love it!

    • Jasmin

      Thanks dear! Glad you like it :) xx

  • Marlen

    Aw the whole idea behind it is so poetic and lovely- I love how it acknowledges the people that might not necessarily believe in their angels for whatever reason. I think I’d choose the goldone based on what it stands for- I need a whole lot of those traits in my life right now (especially the self esteem bit- yeesh), so that would be most handy :) This is such a cool product!

    xo marlen
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    • Jasmin

      If it’s any consolation, you actually do come across like a person with a whole lot of self-esteem :) Fake it till you become it, right? Anyways, my personal favourite is the golden sound ball too. Apart from the traits, I’m in love with the delicate sound it makes. xx

  • shanaz@ReverieSanctuary

    That is one stunning lucky charm necklace and your mom is such a thoughtful gift-giver! Reading this post is like opening a gift itself to peer into the world of Jasmin <3 Your mom picks the best (sound ball) colors for you – like Whitney said, I cannot wait to see how you style the chiming necklace! =D xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • Jasmin

      Hehe…thank you so much Shanaz! I’m sure you already saw it being featured in my latest style post. Everything else I’ll pass on to my mum :) xx

  • Whitney V

    What a beautifu, meaningful present, I love it!! And the necklace itself is gorgeous as well… Can’t wait to see how you pair ir with your regular outfit posts! x


    • Jasmin

      Thanks doll! Check out my latest style post if you want to see the necklace in action :) xx

  • Claudia

    The meaning behind it is beautiful. I love the idea, and I personally think is a beautiful gift for a special person. I think your mom got it right! haha
    Claudia x

    Style Chez Moi

    • Jasmin

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment Claudia :) xx

  • LeDeSociale

    Such a beautiful necklace to wear! Love the cage design.

    Does this mean you can change the inner circle

    depending on your mood?



    • Jasmin

      Indeed it does! Cool right? :) xx

  • Eline

    The quote and idea behind the gift is amazing!

    • Jasmin

      It is right? Glad you agree :) xx

  • Ivana Džidić

    what a lovely present from your mother! such a beautiful necklace!

    • Jasmin

      Thanks Ivana :) xx