An Ode To Skirts

An Ode To SkirtsWhile last year it was all about the dress, this year it will be all about the skirt. Until quite recently I believed that skirts looked completely hideous on me. They always made me look too short, fat and just generally unattractive. Dresses, on the other hand, are so easy to wear and can be exceptionally flattering. I’d mostly go for the skater dress variety in all sorts of colours and textures. The fitted waist with a short flared skirt was a killer combination in my books, and only rain would be able to get me out of my girly dresses.

However, I’ve finally come to realise that it was only laziness, which was stopping me from loving skirts. Until January I never actually made an effort to play with different cuts and lengths to find the perfect type. I always tried to wear skirts on my hips, when all I needed to do to make them work, was to just pull them up a little, and pair them with a crop top, boxy top or a tucked in shirt – nothing too slouchy.

Now that obviously doesn’t work with every single skirt and body shape. If you have a tiny waist like me, then skirts with tight elastic waistbands are your best bet. High waisted skirts visually elongate your legs and shorten your torso, while the opposite is true for low rise skirts.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love dresses, but you must admit that skirts are just inherently more versatile and can be used to create much more interesting looks than dresses – especially in the summer months, when the last thing we want to do is layer up.

Do you agree? Or would you say that you’d rather wear a dress than a skirt?

An Ode To SkirtsAn Ode To SkirtsOutfit 1:
Skirt: H&M   |   Crop Top: Zara   |   Strappy Sandals: Really Old   |   Necklace: Zara

An Ode To SkirtsAn Ode To SkirtsAn Ode To SkirtsOutfit 2:
Skirt: H&M   |   Top: Zara   |   Boots: Zara   |   Necklace: Miss Selfridge