Amsterdam Outfit Day 1

Amsterdam Outfit Day 1 Day 1 of my Amsterdam trip. I headed off to the airport at around 7am. It was one of the most miserable July days you could possibly imagine – rainy, windy and freezing cold. I was anticipating better weather in Amsterdam – maybe a few degrees warmer? – so I threw on a pair of culottes, ankle boots, a cream turtleneck jumper and a light faux leather jacket.

Amsterdam Outfit Day 1 Amsterdam Outfit Day 1 Once I landed in Amsterdam, though, I realised that I had gravely underestimated the temperatures, and I was so happy that my journey to the hotel wasn’t a long one. As I arrived in my beautiful room in the Art’otel, I immediately swapped my old Zara culottes for my brand new Topshop culottes and grabbed two of the goodies waiting for me on my bed. A crop top* and a crazy comfortable pair of Birkenstock lookalike sandals*, both from boohoo.

Amsterdam Outfit Day 1 Amsterdam Outfit Day 1 Then Luise from Kleinstadt Carrie and I went for a walk by the canals and spontaneously decided that this beautiful floral street would be the perfect backdrop for a quick photo shoot. The air was so humid that my hair had decided to turn into a wild bush, so I used my Armani sunglasses* to tame them a little and let Luise do her magic.

(Photos by Luise)

  • Kristine Blindheim

    You look beautiful! I love your top!

    – Kristine B

    • Jasmin

      Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kristine! I’m happy you like the top πŸ™‚ xx

  • mllepaulettegirl

    That top is sooooo chic!!! you look fab xxx

    You are welcome
    to visit my blog —

    • Jasmin

      Thank you! It’s only Β£10…such a bargain πŸ™‚ xx

  • Rachel

    You look amazing, and I’m really happy Amsterdam treated you with some nice weather πŸ™‚

    Love, Rachel

    • Jasmin

      Thanks babe! We were so lucky with the weather. It was supposed to rain all weekend, but it was mostly sunny and really hot…perfect! Just soooo humid. My hair turned into a real mess..hahaha..

      • Rachel

        Oh I know! The Netherlands cannot do warm weather right honestly, it’s always humid. Except for when you’re close to the beach πŸ˜‰ Love!

  • Portia Hunt

    This look is so so beautiful. I adore the orange culottes and you have such pretty hair, m’dear!

    • Jasmin

      Awe Portia..that’s so sweet of you! Thanks πŸ™‚ I’m so happy I took the plunge and finally chose to wear something in a colour other than black and white. xx

  • Bibi

    You look beautiful! Really love the orange color and the boohoo items! The whole look is perfection πŸ™‚ xx

    • Jasmin

      Thanks Bibi! That’s very sweet of you. I can’t get enough of the orange colour at the moment. It’s so uplifting and surprisingly versatile πŸ™‚ xx