Amsterdam Day 2

Amsterdam Day 2

Amsterdam Day 2 Amsterdam Day 2Day 2 in Amsterdam started off with an early breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We knew it was gonna be a long day, so we stuffed our faces with scrambled eggs, croissants, cheese and fruit and then made our way to Forever21, where Wendy from and two visual merchandisers, Joey and Marco were already waiting for us with empty rails – one for each of us.

Amsterdam Day 2We split into two groups, and what then happened can only be described as one of the most insane shopping experiences I’ve ever had.

Amsterdam Day 2Amsterdam Day 2Three floors of clothes, shoes and accessories were about to get conquered by four eager fashion bloggers. We had so much fun dragging our rails through the whole store and filling them with a ridiculous amount of clothes. And if raiding three shop floors wasn’t good enough, Joey and Marco also took us to the stockrooms to do some more damage – bliss!

Amsterdam Day 2Amsterdam Day 2Amsterdam Day 2Choosing my favourite items up to a value of €250 wasn’t an easy task, but in the end I decided to take 5 (!) pairs of sandals, two culottes, one skirt, a bag and a few tops. Now imagine us four girls carrying our huge yellow shopping bags back to the hotel…

Amsterdam Day 2 Amsterdam Day 2 Amsterdam Day 2 Amsterdam Day 2After we dropped off the loot in our hotel rooms we went on a hunt for food – four hungry girls and no idea where to go. Eventually, Iris’ led us to a cute little place in one of The Nine Streets where we refuelled in the presence of a very pretty waiter, before we rushed back to the hotel to get ready for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the speed of light.

Amsterdam Day 2 Amsterdam Day 2In and out the hotel we went, and finally made our way to Fashion Week…my FIRST Fashion Week. We took a few outfit shots in front of the tents and then entered the colourful world of Amsterdam fashion…but more on that later…

Amsterdam Day 2 Amsterdam Day 2

  • Constance

    Beautiful pictures, looks like had an amazing time!

    • Jasmin

      Thanks Constance! Absolutely, it was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had :) xx

  • Irene Atzori

    Forever 21 stores are huge so I know how u felt!! The one we have here in Dublin is massive, I went recently and I was overwhelmed by the amount of things…at the end I managed to get a pair of jeggins and a hat which i can’t wait to style!!

    • Jasmin

      I’ve never been to any other Forever21, but the one in Amsterdam is definitely one of the biggest stores (apart from department stores) I’ve ever been to. I never realised you lived in Dublin…always thought you lived in North England…maybe Manchester 😉 Can’t wait to see the hat, though! I love hats, but don’t have the head for them 😉

  • Bibi

    Sounds like soo much fun! Can’t wait to read about the Fashion Week!! Xx

    • Jasmin

      We had such a blast!! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post will be all about Fashion Week :) xx

  • Rachel

    What a lovely day! Do you happen to know the name of the place you had lunch? It looks delicious, would be a great thing to check out :) Excited for your following posts! Love, Rachel

    • Jasmin

      I can’t remember, but I’ll try to find out and get back to you as soon as I know :) It’s a lovely place…definitely worth a visit!! xx

  • mary

    So jealous! sounded like you had a lovely time.



    • Jasmin

      We had such a great time!! I wish I was still in Amsterdam :) xx